Haha, I enjoyed this. It wasn't exactly a rant just a sweet request :D

Yes, the removal of claps from the home page is a ground breaking change and would take a while to settle in. But in my humble opinion it'll only give more weight to the title, subtitle of every story. From what I've observed, one could inadvertently scroll through their own(or others) profile and stop only when they see a post with good amount of claps. Perhaps Medium wants readers to judge or get intrigued to click a story only on the basis of title, subtitle. Claps metric can easily get skewed. A post with 250 claps by 50 people was perhaps more loved than one with 300 claps from 6 people

I feel even as a writer, now we'll compare all our previous stories without a bias. Every story has an equal chance to be clicked and read. Gosh, I could have written this response and my views in a separate article :D

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