Glad to know your experience! COVID-19 has made WFH a reality for everyone now. I’d written this article long before Coronavirus had hit(wish we could time travel). The idea was to put forth the dark side of working from home as a lot of people just see the advantages of it.

PS: These aren’t assumptions. Reach out to anyone who worked from home in the pre-COVID era. A lot of people would connect with it(especially the ones who’ve been there). Some wouldn’t. In no means does it say stop working from home. Specifically, I’ve been WFH for five years and thought of sharing my experience, a personal story. As much as I love remote work, there are some ugly truths that had to be told Matthew Croak.

Pouring thoughts in technology and code. Writer with over 2M views. An Android and iOS developer by the day. Investor. Sometimes funny.

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