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  • Sebastian Schepis

    Sebastian Schepis

    Software engineer and CEO. My interests include cryptography, quantum mechanics, set theory, geometry, prime number theory, general artificial intelligence.

  • Andrew Morgan

    Andrew Morgan

    Andrew is a Staff Developer Advocate at MongoDB. He’s a fan of SwiftUI and the Realm mobile database

  • Riccardo Cipolleschi

    Riccardo Cipolleschi

    Hey there, I’m Riccardo. Software engineer at Meta. I have a passion for iOS and I love to share my knowledge with others.

  • Jennifer Fu

    Jennifer Fu

    UI tech lead who enjoys cutting-edge technologies https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-fu-53357b/

  • Tony Stubblebine

    Tony Stubblebine

    CEO at @medium. “Coach Tony” to some. My newsletter: https://coachtony.medium.com/subscribe

  • Matt Schellhas

    Matt Schellhas

    Dour, opinionated leader of software engineers.

  • Coffee Bytes

    Coffee Bytes

    A newsletter by Better Programming covering stories across Medium.

  • Kurt S. Inu

    Kurt S. Inu

    This blog is for humor/satire. If you want to actually learn coding, do not waste your clicks on it.

  • Darius Foroux

    Darius Foroux

    Creator of the Stoic Letter (new letter every Friday, exclusively on Medium) | My new course, Simple Investing, is open now: dariusforoux.com/simple-investing

  • Francesc Vilarino Guell

    Francesc Vilarino Guell

    Senior Android Developer

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