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Programming Language honest slogans
Programming Language honest slogans
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Software engineering is one field where experiences can vary. Some relish programming while others can find it frustrating. Building software can stress anyone out, no doubt about that.

In order to avoid that, here’s a list of honest slogans depicting some of the popular programming languages — with no intention of offending anyone. Humor helps build connections and I hope some of these would make you chuckle.


We’re getting old and were always verbose. But pay us and we’ll give you long term support.


I might be the oldest, but you still have to allocate me space. …

The new iOS 14 privacy feature spells trouble for advertisement agencies and promises to end an era of personalized ads

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When Apple’s WWDC 2020 digital-only Keynote event kickstarted, all eyes were on the new mac OS Big Sur and the ambitious Apple Silicon chips.

But, from the perspective of advertisement agencies, it was the new iOS 14 privacy-based features that sent shockwaves in their industry and became the major talking point.

For the uninitiated, a lot of apps today use an Advertising identifier (IDFA). It allows developers and marketers to track activity for advertising purposes.

Plenty of marketing agencies backed by Google and Facebook run campaigns to record purchases, usage time, user actions, and subsequently serve personalized ads.

Over 100K…

From visualising data to learning JavaScript, there’s so much in store

Code on a computer screen.
Code on a computer screen.
Photo by Avinash Murugappan on Unsplash

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor made by Microsoft. It allows developers to run code in almost any programming language, not only JavaScript. Even Python and Flutter devs would fall in love with this IDE. It provides a great deal of support for interactive playgrounds, debugging, version control, and other tools for developers.

However, it’s their ability to allow users to customize the coding editor that makes it so much fun to use. There’s a huge marketplace that provides all kinds of extensions that you can integrate into the IDE with just a few clicks.

Whether you’re a…

Our authors share their experience as software developers

Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well.

After doing a quarterly roundup of some of our best pieces so far in the previous issue, we’re back this week with a collection of software engineering perspectives.

Software engineering is a very broad field with many disciplines. The experiences vary from person to person. More so, since engineers have different roles and tend to come up with their own set of approaches and practices towards the development of software.

In the following sections, we’ll cover a few first-hand software engineering experiences from our authors, from articles published since the start of…

4 different ways to position views

Child playing with colorful blocks
Child playing with colorful blocks
Photo by La-Rel Easter on Unsplash.

The other day, I was getting back into SwiftUI development after being stuck on an UIKit project for months. Strangely, it took me a while to compose the most basic of prototypes: spacing two images evenly in my image-filtering SwiftUI application.

I tried setting resizable() and aspectRatio() modifiers on the two Images in my HStack, but no luck. In fact, since the actual image asset was so large, one of them actually filled the entire screen. Of course, you can always hardcode the width and height, but then it doesn’t work on all screen sizes and orientations.

Now that I’ve…

Some of our favorite stories published since the start of this year

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Hey everyone! I hope your April is off to a great start.

This is a Better Programming newsletter. It’s my first issue as an interim editor at Better Programming. We’ve published some amazing content since the start of the year. From first-person experiences with languages, tools, and frameworks to outright programming advice, the sheer creativity our writers bring to the table continues to amaze me.

As it’s been a while since we’ve released an issue, I’m doing a quarterly round-up of the best performing posts mixed with some of my personal favorites (in no particular order).

📸 Featured Articles

Google’s privacy-first web isn’t really what you think it is

Google’s privacy-first web monopoly floc cohorts end of cookies
Google’s privacy-first web monopoly floc cohorts end of cookies
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

When Apple first announced its plans to introduce opt-in ad-tracking in iOS 14 the whole advertisement industry was left in shock.

Facebook left no stone unturned in pushing back against Apple’s already postponed software update — be it by criticizing the iPhone maker in full-page newspaper ads or through releasing banners messages that showcased users why personalized ads are good.

It wasn’t surprising to see Facebook launching an all attack against Apple. The social media king has created a billion-dollar advertisement network over the years and was about to stare at huge losses.

However, it was astonishing to see the…

A curated list of programming blogs that are run by some renowned tech companies

Person typing on laptop
Person typing on laptop
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash.

Programming occupies a huge space on Medium. It might be due to Medium’s incredible SEO rank that ensures your article is likely to show up on Google’s first page or Medium’s curation system that hand-picks articles and promotes them across a wide range of topics ranging from JavaScript to iOS. Simply put, programming has huge potential on this platform.

It’s no wonder, then, that there’s an ever-growing list of writers who share amazing content and inspire readers with their findings and day-to-day experiences with various tools and frameworks.

Now, you have probably heard of Towards Data Science, Better Programming, and…

Some cool offerings from the SwiftUI community

Person holding iPhone
Person holding iPhone
Photo by Frederik Lipfert on Unsplash

After covering the SwiftUI annual recap from 2020, it’s time to look at some new iOS libraries that were released during the shortest month of the year.

Plenty of interesting open source Swift packages were rolled out during February, and the following list is a bit more weighted toward SwiftUI — which is rapidly gaining steam in production-based iOS applications.

1. AlertToast

To start off, we have a pure SwiftUI library that lets you replace the classical SwiftUI Alert with a more intuitive popup.

AlertToast is an open source GitHub library that can be used on SwiftUI view builders when you don’t…

3 privacy features are about to offer iPhone owners more control over their data

What’s New in iOS 14.5 Privacy features? ATT, Google Safe Browsing Proxy, Face ID with apple watch and mask. Apple Maps and Music.
What’s New in iOS 14.5 Privacy features? ATT, Google Safe Browsing Proxy, Face ID with apple watch and mask. Apple Maps and Music.
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

When Apple first unveiled the new iOS 14 features in WWDC 2020, there weren’t a lot of noticeable changes barring the widgets and revamped home screen.

After an enormous iOS 13 update, the world was expecting the iOS 14 update to be a lot more subtle with incremental changes and fixes. However, when it came to privacy lovers, Apple certainly had some big plans.

With the introduction of approximate location, local network permission, dot indicators while the camera or microphone is in use, limited photo library access, restricted clipboard permission, and the ability to know your compromised passwords, the Cupertino…

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