A little comedy for all of us right now

Programming Language honest slogans

Software engineering is one field where experiences can vary. Some relish programming while others can find it frustrating. Building software can stress anyone out, no doubt about that.

In order to avoid that, here’s a list of honest slogans depicting some of the popular programming languages — with no intention…

The new iOS 14 privacy feature spells trouble for advertisement agencies and promises to end an era of personalized ads

When Apple’s WWDC 2020 digital-only Keynote event kickstarted, all eyes were on the new mac OS Big Sur and the ambitious Apple Silicon chips.

But, from the perspective of advertisement agencies, it was the new iOS 14 privacy-based features that sent shockwaves in their industry and became the major talking…

Our favorite stories that were published last month

Happy October everyone,

To help you get inspired and code more, we’ve got some amazing stories published across Medium from the month gone by. By the way, Facebook had a hangover yesterday. …

The tiniest iOS update simplifies our lives… almost

iOS 15 New Features Review

Just a week after the iPhone 13 event, Apple has rolled out the iOS 15 to the public.

Unlike iOS 13, which brought a system-level dark mode theme to our iPhones, or iOS 14, which overhauled our home screen with a new design, the iOS 15 features are rather subtle…

Our favorite articles that were published in the month gone by

Hey everyone,

I hope y’all are doing well. After doing a few weekly and bi-weekly roundups of our favorite pieces, here’s our first monthly issue.

From a first look at the OpenAI’s Codex tool to the newest features of TypeScript, there’s a lot of goodies in store. …

The iPhone maker expands child safety measures at the expense of user privacy

Privacy. That’s iPhone. Surveillance. CSAM detection. Scanning iMessage nudes

When the FBI and U.S. government demanded Apple to unlock a dead terrorist’s iPhone, Tim Cook hit back with the following response on his company’s website:

“They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone…

My favorite picks from the past few weeks

Hey Better Programming readers,

I hope August has been off to a fine start for y’all. In this Better Programming weekly issue, we’ve got some interesting stories from the weeks gone by. From data practices to software estimations, there’s lots of programming advice in store. Let’s get started.

4 Effective Ways To Build Trust as a Leader by Vinita

To build…

Power up your apps with these cool APIs

A macbook at work

Cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town this year due to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and altcoins.

But the use cases of cryptocurrency go far beyond just moving programmable money. …

Some of my favorite pieces from the weeks gone by

Hey Better Programming readers,

We’re already midway through 2021 and I hope it’s been a fine year for y’all. In this Better Programming weekly issue, we’ve got some interesting stories from the past two weeks. From leadership traits to identifying the best software engineers, we’ve got all covered. …

Handpicked managerial advice from Better Programming

Hey Better Programming readers,

Another Friday and I hope y’all are doing well. Recently, we saw Github and Open AI unveiling a new AI tool — Copilot. Programmers now have an AI pair programming assistant to help write entire functions. Don’t worry, it won’t replace your jobs. …

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